Feb 17 • 11M

😡 Last Week in Gaming with Mad Jay

Talking Rolemaster II, Lifted: Indomitable, T2k, En Garde! and more!

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Strap in!!

Champions Now #2 - For whom the Bel-Samu tolls! Anita and Raul force a stand-off with Sister Mary Agnes and the order of St. Gideon after they shot Michael, Father Martins's brother - who was dressed up like a priest. Father Martin, realizing his powers are still active, begins searching for more unholy threats in the museum. It's not long before he finds Bel-Samu. Herald of the Queen in Yellow. It takes the whole team, Raul in his giant aquatic form, Father Martin's negation abilities, and Anita Black's necromancy to put Bel-Samu to rest.

Lifted: Indomitable playtesting the next iteration of my 'frenzy' initiative - working-name-in-progress. I think we're getting it dialed in. Posted an update on the Kickstarter page, basically - all character's actions get discussed & declared until everyone is happy with their actions. Dice are rolled. Actions are ordered by the highest single die first. Defenders who have not yet acted may abort their action to roll full defense actions or use what dice are unused in the declared action pool for defense. Maaaan....I think I like it!! 

Twilight 2000 - New player and new "story" arc.  We had a catch-up and chat session. Talking about non-game stuff, projects, and what we want out of this new game arc for characters and players.  It looks like I'll get to use Urban Operations more heavily as the characters try to build a more stable base in a city, at least for the winter.

The nostalgia game! Rolemaster II session zero. Scheduled for 6-8 sessions of play, we've got a Chevallier, a magician, a centaur bounty hunter, and a rogue making the trek from the port of Izar to the acropolis of Scalu to see an oracle. 

A|State got preempted by the Superbowl. 🦉

I've acquired and am reading/prepping Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from Palladium for twitch.tv/actualplay!

I'm about to fire up some En Garde! as a play-by-post short-term game on Play-by-post is dead. The hardest part for me is getting my head into the time period. I am interested in the game's ability to generate play, so I have to run it to understand it.

And I'm using my Kill Team minis and lore to play 5 Parsecs from Home!!

Let me know what you're playing, reading, or prepping!