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Jolt #1: Jolt!

Jolt #1: Jolt!

CHIMERA Calling.

Welcome to the World of Jolt!

Superpowers give you an edge, but in the end, Big Business trumps.

Gigging and scratching in Jax while a criminal organization rises.

Nathan is lured into a CHIMERA experiment as they trap him on the Buckman bridge to observe his abilities! Back home, it’s parent-teacher conference night for him, Sarah, and their kid Mason. OB stops by looking for a hanging-out buddy. And Danny “Red-Eye” comes looking for OB.

It was a smooth roleplaying session of Champions Now RPG mostly - the area effect rules tripped me up a little. We didn’t forget the knockback rules; we’ll add them back in later. We did see Nathan put the slap down on some CHIMERA agents with his super speed and just how fast old Nate is.

The Jolt Now Files

As a gamemaster, I'm a fan of the outline method suggested in Champions Now for tracking what's happening Now in your game. I have been using this method for all my games! Jolt starts out like this before our first session.

Nathan (Jolt!)

Sera, wife

  • secret ID (protected witness)

Mason, kid

  • Hunted (small, powers, manip).

Hounded by Jolt, Intl.

Hunted by the New Jolt!

Buddies with OB

Old Jolt Crew


  • Comes looking for OB.

Cherry Bomb, White Lightening, Citrus Climax

Jacksonville, Florida

CHIMERA Field squad (Hazard)

  • Spd 2 DCV 6  Bod 10 Stun 20 Def 10

  • Machine Pistols 6d6EB,Pierce

  • S-Tazer, 5d6EB+4d6Ent. (x1)

futuristic comic book paramilitary squad. Manga style.


  • Jolt Disassembled #1 - Come behind the GM screen and I’ll tell you how I did it.

  • Jolt #2 - Orange Blast - What’s he not saying?

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