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Jolt! The Origin Story

Jolt! The Origin Story

A Champions Now RPG Actual Play

The 2Eleven show returns with Jolt!

Welcome to Session Zero for Jolt! A Champions Now actual play. I feel like I must remind you I do not receive any kickbacks for the millions of Champions Now sessions, content, or name drops! 🤣

Champions Now RPG has been a great source of fun for me, and I am thrilled to have Rich Rogers of +1 Forward fame along for the ride!

Nathan Fellows was the Jolt! Cola Super Supermodel back in the day. Today, Nathan is an aging, unemployed speedster juggling multiple gigs in Jacksonville. He's got a wife and kid and his old pal Obie. This is his origin story. How Rich and I talk through session zero for this game. The fully loaded (unedited) version is on my Patreon page.

Nathan Fellows - "Jolt"

DNPC: Wife - Sera

DNPC: Kid - Mason

DNPC: Orange-Blast "Obie"

Public ID: Old Famous

Hunted: Jolt, Intl.

Hunted: Neu JOLT!

2d6 Unluck

Strength 2 Presence 5

Body 12  Speed 3  Defense 21

Dexterity 13 Intelligence 11 Ego 11

Speedster (VPP) 12-

Speedster Levels 2

Stealth 13-

Martial Moves

Speedster VPP (Burnout 11-)

Running - (Flight, clinging)

Fast Travel - (regional)(Flight, clinging)+10hexes

Can't Touch - This Defense+20, if moved.

Fists of Fury - EB8d6, no range, severe

Multi-slap - EB6d6, AE, no range, severe

Next Issue: CHIMERA Calling!

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