Jun 10 • 11M

Last Week in Gaming with Mad Jay

Tales from the big rubble, the City, and Kalisz

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Humakt – The Well of Daliath

I jump into the lake of Glorantha and Mythras! Rasta son of Ros and Terargh the Shieldless (my character!) have made their way to Pavis, to the Big rubble. After a little sightseeing of the city, they venture into the rub - as it is known. They chat with a farmer and then get ambushed by rock lizards as they move thru the ruins heading south. This was my first play in the world of Glorantha, and having an experienced guide running the game makes it all go down easier!

A|State - We're doing this! We got session zero in the books. We have an Activist, Dinginsmith, and Lostfinder. The Barge district has just experienced the enigmatic withdrawal of the Three Canals Authority from the district, now the Daylight syndicate and the Softwalkers, and the Barge council scramble for control of the power vacuum.

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..the City will forget you.

Horizon Zero Dawn BG - Max and I have been running through hunts in this semi-coop board game. It's a Max game-pick and he's digging the card play and the movement mechanics of the game. It's been fun, a quickstart would have been nice, but YouTube, right?!

I’ve returned to BX D&D. I’m running a local IRL west marches-styled game called The 99 Scrolls. There are only 99 spells in the world. Many of them are unique, owned only by one sorcerer. I'm running with some lines from the Dying Earth series where spells are energy entities and in this post-apocalypse fantasy world, there are a limited number of spells. It’s a work in progress - but it’s been fun so far. Spellcasters start the game between 3rd and 5th level, non-casters 1-3.

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Oh...and I'm running a Kickstarter for my people with powers game called Lifted Vol1. It's primed by Cortex. Come check it out, we’re close to funding but I could use all the shares, and pledges I can get!

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