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Last Week in Gaming 😡
Last Week in Gaming 😡
Last week...there was only grim dark games.
Bastet & the Anubis

Twilight 2000 RPG - Battle for the still finale!

After 3.5 sessions of some intense combat, the players have won back their alcohol still but at a high price!

Legacy: Life Among the Ruins

Sessions 0 and 1. The All Moons festival is celebrated at the Tsukumogami landfill - and some guests disguised as Tsukumogami try to steal Amuro, a mecha head and the greatest hero of the last war.

Cy_borg RPG

Session .5 In New Old Fremont, a haven of sorts in the AI wars, A burnt-out hacker/droid is threatened with getting salvaged if it can't pay its debts.

Apocalypse World: Burned Over - L.E.O

Playing Low Earth Orbit with Judd on Bastet, an angry Operator, and the unstoppable Lup, the Weaponized. A trifling old grudge sends a Kill Team to a teahouse.

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