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Last Week in Gaming

Last Week in Gaming

AP: Champions Now, Rolemaster 2 and Twilight 2000

Champions Now

Jolt #2 -3 Nathan interviews for the super spokesmodel position at Door Dash but gets an emergency text from his wife and leaves abruptly! 3Pain, the witness protection assassin, has made a house call looking for 'Claire' AKA Sera, Nathan's wife, who's in the program. Later, Nathan and OB discuss OB's debt to Red-Eye, the wetwork job left undone, and a secret lab OB found doing that job. Next Jolt #3: Nathan and OB check out that secret lab with help from Cherry Bomb, Forbes CEO of the year! But they won't like what they find in that lab!!

r/CapitolCryptids #5 -6. Anita, Raul, and Father Martin do a lot of legwork to discover who the old man in the video footage of the museum heist is and the location of the artifact that was stolen. It turns out Michael, Father Martin's brother, has the artifact -an ankh. And the old man is some sort of mummy sorcerer named Asim. Bonus find: All the heist planning was done using a new app called Sieben for crime gigs! H/T @widdledragon
Later Father Martin and Raul visit an old occult acquaintance, Papa Raam, to get his thoughts on the Ankh artifact. Their meeting is interrupted by a murder of crows and a large fire-breathing tengu with a spear - they all squawk the same two words. “Ankh. Give!”


The Oracle at Scalu. Our questing heroes discover a mass of folks waiting at the cliffs of Scalu to see the oracle. Visitations and payment are handled by Tava and her crew, which includes a rather hulking man, Brinanr, who sports a shield and ill-fitting helm that belonged once to a Deathless Regiment member. This is not lost on Deronil, likely the last of the Deathless. The heroes pay for a place in the Oracle queue while scouting out other temple entries. They find a cave tomb, and awaken the dead buried there! The finale in 2 weeks!

Twilight 2000

Wroclaw Winters had a by-week. I spent some time updating the Foundry VTT and thinking about VTTs in general. We'll easily break 50 sessions as we move into the urban city sandbox and survive the winter. Thomas Moore is big on the Todos list and getting Anne and Antonie back.

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