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Last Week in Gaming #25

Fading Into the Odd!

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Fading Suns

Fading Suns on The Gauntlet. Lowell Francis trying out the system, and you can tell he’s down his prep. I’m playing an Ur-Ukar witch with TK-like abilities. We’ve taken up a mission from a noble to be his escort and eyes and ears in a hostile system. Fading Suns has pulled at me for some years now; I’m hoping to jump-start my future runs of it by playing it first. At its core, it is a Skill + ability roll under system. This was our session one, and we got a small, easy skirmish under our belt so far.

Into the Odd

Amazing dragon eye pic.

TEXT: Dragonslayers: Military fantasy built on Into the Odd

In Dragonslayers, using Into the Odd, I play a reluctant tailor pressed into military service against the dragon empire. The dragons have won, and we're left in the aftermath of many battles. This was mostly session zero, making characters and setting up things. Our first act next session is to free our captured griffin riders and griffins!!

Judd also runs games out on, and I paid to play his Spelljammer + Into the odd game: Rock of Braal. (I’ll have more to say very soon about paying to play and GM-for-hire) I played a warden, one of two survivors off a gith vessel. The other was an Illithid captive. We both took on a bounty from a ghost pirate to recover his stolen goods. Into the Odd is a great system for getting folks in fast and keeping them hooked through the session. I forget I much I LOVE combat mechanics where there is a free & clear declaration step, followed by the dice then reading the outcomes!

Rebels of the Outlaw Wastes - Session 01

Centered in the apocalypse of Florida, I play an ex-Imagineer, (ex-jackboot in Outlaw parlance) trying to escape my former employer. With the help of an Abe Lincoln animatronic, an Alligator-Man hybrid, and a gothic biker with electricity powers. We flee into the swamp -bogs of Florida chased by Imagineer security on hoverboards!

Big thanks to Michael Addison of Nerdy Pup Games for running his new game on Actual Play!

Champions Now - Lifted.

The KC Defenders get stomped by Protheseus agents during a simple recon of the downtown train yard. The rail house was, in fact, not abandoned or empty. I still get a kick out of agents as hazard rules in Champions Now, especially when player characters try to ignore the agents!

Sci-fi West Marches

Reading the Gateway saga. Looking to use the premise of an abandoned alien space station and its network of ships and unknown routes as a column in a Sci-Fi West Marches game. Currently hacking BX via OSE to get the play experience I want.

Prepping Remember Tomorrow

Another Gregor Hutton jam that holds up great n these modern times. It’s a cyberpunk RPG, GM-less, but best with a facilitator. You play troupe-style Gibsonesque characters at odds with various factions.

What did you play last week?

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