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Last Week in Gaming 03/11

High strangeness, honest GM prep and some politics.

Mad Jay
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Here’s a summary rundown of my games last week.

I started a run on Mothership with Judd. I'm playing a character inspired by Fox Mulder. The pitch: Two scientists investigate the disappearance of their professor and the crew of a science vessel. I’m digging the new post-Kickstarter materials that have been rolling out for this game. Character creation feels especially tighter, it had me groaning about options —that’s a good thing! 

Twilight: 2000:  The discovery of a dead soldier stashed in the woods and a convoy heading toward Barnes's occupied Polish town,  sends Bard and Justin off to extract Tracy and Janush. They decide to confront the polish spook, Phil before sneaking out of the encampment and back to their base in the woods.

Here’s some politics in your games. If you don't know, Twilight: 2000 pre-supposes a World War Three that occurred in 2000. It plays with that timeline and kicks off that war in that space. In the game space, it is Poland that is the middle of all things, and it's got a lot of parallels with what's happening in Ukraine today. I’m not your dad, but sometimes IRL things bleed into our gamespace and you’ve got to make some decisions. I’m a veteran of the Gulf Wars and I’m talking up my Twilight: 2000 sessions. I am not tone deaf, I feel for the Ukrainian people, I hope they find a resolution and peace, quickly.

Legacy 2E: Gale and  Manta-ray kill each other in the Endless city over control of the "Hand"  artifact. Gale's death move sends both players to an eternal hellscape. The artifact is lost to the Endless City. And the Third age begins. This PBTA game has been a giant lesson in being the reactive GM and honest GM prep.

These morning games have a nice energy to them. I’m excited to show up, catch up and then dive into where we left off. I feel like I’m getting away with something! We’re approaching the last two sessions of Legacy 2E. I am already thinking about what game to run in that Sunday morning spot come April. Suggestions?

Wrath & Glory: Exotic weapons have been turning up in skirmishes on Gideon Prime. Tasked with investigating the origins of these weapons our favorite Tech-Priest follows a trail that leads him to the Spacehulk - Veritagous. Max and I return to the latest version of Wrath and Glory. I’m using a point crawl map to handle exploring the vast space hulk that has emerged from the warp. We’re going very analog with this game, breaking out minis, chips, dice, mats..all the physical things!

Playing Elden Ring - dying, wonder, dying, exploring, and dying.

Prepping Barbarians of Lemuria: Treachery at Axos Mountains. We have a fully leaned-in sorcerer, a sky-ship pilot, and an amnesiac mercenary being pursued into the Axos Mountains where they hope to find a haven of outcasts to go to ground at. Foundry VTT has a French module we’re navigating for play. The code is opensource so I’m making translations where I can.


Improv for Gamers 2e will be on Gamefound by Evil Hat. I've got a piece in there as well as a cornucopia of amazing folks, check it out.

And GauntletCon Open Gaming end of March. C'mon out and play!!