Dec 2, 2022 • 42M

Headed West with Jason Lutes

The joys and work of managing a West Marches game for 30+ people.

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My guests, Jason Lutes and Paul Beakley, and I get lost in the West Marches game style. Jason is currently running his second West Marches campaign using Freebooters on the Frontier and Arden Vul as the setting.  I’m currently playing in Jason’s Arden Vul game. Valentine Berrygrove is my halfing wizard character.

I get an incredible amount of joy from running West Marches campaigns, and geeking out with both Jason and Paul on the subject was good stuff.

I am very, very sorry for some of the audio. I recorded using a new audio platform and discovered issues with Paul's audio in the recording that didn't appear live. Hopefully, my audio sorcery is potent!