Something weird this way comes.

Help decide what 1-on-1 game I'm running next.

My friend Brendan of the podcast What people do and I played about a six-session Sorcerer series and called it good while it was great. We’re in search of a new Weds morning game to play. He said he’s down for whatever weird game I’ve been wanting to play. I tossed him an off the cuff list:

Mad Jay’s Weird games list

  • City of Mist - Superhero noir

  • Nahual - Mexican Angel hunting posse

  • Delta Green!

  • A rough ride through Jorune for IRL XP via Whitehack.

  • Fading Suns (New edition 2020/21)

  • Over the Edge

I haven’t played any of these in a serious non-one shot way, and I’d like to.

City of Mist I was into during the quickstart. Once the main book came out and the meta-plot was revealed, I lost interest. It’s been some time. I wanna get it on the table again.

Nahual I played during development and I was giddy about it! I WANT to play this game now that it's the wild.

Delta Green. He said Weird. I’ve heard great things. Seems ripe for a solo character series.

The Skyrealms of Jorune. Played it as a kid, probably wrong. If we do this it would be with an eye toward making PBTA playbooks for it, or WH stuff. I have some thoughts on what to do with/in Jorune.

Fading Suns. I’d play either the OG or the new version. Feudal Space Empires. Gimme some.

OTE. Again, the man said weird…and folks are calling this one very weird.

That’s what I have today. Any suggestions? Thoughts? Favorites?

Let me know!

Play Fearless

-Mad Jay